Everything is AWESOME!!!

Kids Camp Logo #2“You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone.”

A week away from home can be scary for some kids and even some parents, but even in the 24 hours we have been at camp, God has done amazing things. Our theme for the week is focusing on God as the “Master Builder”, the creator of everything, and the orchestrator of each intricate detail in our lives.

Photo Jun 05, 10 10 39 AMOur 61 campers and 31 staff are reveling in God’s incredible plan for each of their lives. We are praying God continues to go ahead of us and meet each new challenge head on. Whether it is missing home, the heat, bug bites, lack of sleep, or anxiety about a new activity God has provided us with the ability to overcome and even thrive in each situation. We are being equipped every day to do God’s work!

In an environment lacking in technology, campers are discovering new and exciting skills IMG_7014like fishing, high ropes, zip-lining, horseback riding, canoeing, team-work, bible memory, and even
cleaning up their cabins! As a camp staff, we have seen timid campers rise up and lead and strong campers cheer on and encourage others. God truly has his hand in our week and we are so excited to see all He has planned!

Everything is AWESOME because we serve and AWESOME God!

The Adventure Begins

IMG_1551Sunday we officially kicked off our Great Adventure. We hope you plan to partner with us this summer by going on a trip, praying, volunteering, or bringing in donations. Our church is so blessed to have many opportunities to change the world around us, and we want everyone to be a part of it!

It was encouraging to see all the trip donations coming into church yesterday. We will continue to collect donations next week. Our camps depart on June 3rd, and many of these supplies will help lead our elementary and middle school students.

If you haven’t received a shopping list, they are still available on the Great Adventure display in the Gathering Place. There you will also find the book describing each trip and their prayer requests. Lastly, take a bookmark and put it somewhere as a reminder to pray for our teams.

IMG_1552Continue to check this blog and listen for updates from the pulpit as our teams depart. The display in the Gathering Place will be a center for information throughout the summer, and members of our teams will be available to answer questions when they return. Thank you for helping us put the Gospel in motion this summer!

Coming Soon!!

You can’t go a day without seeing or hearing something on the news that makes you question if there is any good left. It can be hard to see the videos of conflict, children living in extreme poverty, or people hurting.  Sometimes we like to pretend these issues are more prevalent in far-away countries, but often we can find them in our own backyard.

The world needs Jesus in a big way. Humanity needs to be reminded of the love and care of their Savior in a time when we are hurting more than ever. As Christians, this is part of our calling. Even in the Old Testament, servants of the Lord traveled to other places to teach others about His incredible power and loving mercy. In 1 Chronicles 16, David has traveled to Gibeon to appoint priests and leaders in honoring God. He even taught them how to bring offerings and praise God. 1 Chronicles 16:24 says “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds to all people.”

The idea of changing the world seems impossible. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and we are only a church of 700, but like a rock being thrown into a big lake we can make a huge ripple. This summer, ten teams will depart SPC and go out into the world. They will serve, build, teach, collect, pray, and proclaim in the name of God. The impact of these ministries can be felt through entire regions and across generations of people.

Be a part of our Great Adventure. We hope you grabbed a shopping list at church yesterday. They will be available for the next few weeks so you can fill your cart with snacks and supplies for our mission teams. Below is a copy of the shopping list. Take a Great Adventure booklet and bookmark on May 21st and pray over each team and the people they will encounter. Like the gears in a clock, we each work together and propel one another forward to accomplish our purpose. Together we are putting the Gospel in motion. Changing the world may seem impossible, but we serve a God who makes all things possible.

New Shopping List E-Blast Header

Spring Missions Weekend

Imagine the inner workings of an old grandfather clock. Every cog, wheel, and spring serves a purpose, and the clock cannot function if one part is out of place or not working. One gear must work to move itself forward and in turn, it moves those it is connected to until the time on the clock is changed. As a body of believers we are like the mechanical parts of a clock. We interlock and each serve a purpose to inspire change in the world around us.

In a few weeks, we are going to learn more about some of the pieces we at SPC are connected to. Several local missions will be visiting during our services to talk about opportunities for involvement in their ministries. Each organization is active in this community to inspire change, and we have the opportunity to be a part of that.

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic is an organization providing legal services to low-income families. Meeting the legal needs of the community allows this organization to show God’s love the mercy in a great time of need. Each year the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic provides legal services to around 10,000 people.

Campus Life is a ministry of Central Indiana Youth for Christ. It seeks to help high school aged students make positive choices in their lives by providing mentoring and spiritual opportunities. They provide small groups, activities, and leadership development opportunities in a student-friendly environment. Many students attending activities have never been to church or heard the message of the gospel.

Perry Township Religious Education offers local public school children the opportunity to learn about the bible and making good choices. Classes are offered to all 4th and 5th grade students in Perry Township. About 70% of students enrolled in the classes have no church affiliation.

Life Centers of Indiana seeks to provide care and support to women during pregnancy. By offering counseling and medical services, Life Centers affirms the value of life and assists mothers in making informed decisions about their pregnancy as well as support and supplies for the new baby.

There are many ways you can get involved. Perhaps you have time to be a volunteer in one of these organizations, or maybe you would like to become a prayer partner. Each organization also has financial needs that can be met through pledges and donations. Make a plan to stop by a table and speak to representatives from these organizations on April 30th.

The news of the Gospel is for everyone. God calls us to “Declare his glory among the nations…” You are being called to minister to the world around you, to join with other believers in moving the message of Christ to our community. Join with us on April 30th, and help Change the World.