Magic Kingdom

What do the Magic Kingdom, Nine Square and canoeing all have in common?  Well, they are all part of Camp PYOCA 2017!MagicKingdom

Campers are enjoying morning and afternoon competitions to earn points for their cabins. They also memorize Bible verses. Campers especially enjoy getting to know one another over delicious family style meals and during their free recreation time.

The whole camp went on a five mile canoe trip today.  Campers worked together to navigate the river and enjoyed God’s beautiful creation!  Everyone survived and had a great time, too!

IMG_5013Our Magic Kingdom experience started out in Frontierland where we learned we are all searching for meaning and frequently we think it is all about “me”.  There is a big difference between what God tells us is important and what the world tells us!  From there, we went to Fantasyland where we learned Satan wants us to believe we can be like God. The world continually draws us in directions which don’t point toward God.  Liberty Square is our next destination and it will show us Jesus is the only way that we can be cleansed of our sin and truly be free.  We cannot cleanse ourselves by doing good deeds, and we cannot keep ourselves from sin. Only Jesus’ grace can do that. We were made to glorify God, and we have to make a conscious decision to follow him and to accept his gift of salvation.

Please pray for campers and staff to have a safe rest of the week, to get enough rest and most importantly to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord!

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