Factory Update

IMG_0201Our church has a physical address. It is a physical building. You can locate it on Google maps, see a picture of it taken from a satellite, walk through the doors, and physically touch its structure, but our church is so much more than a building. This week, our church took on a whole new look as it was transformed into the Maker Fun Factory. An average of 300 preschool and elementary age students walked through the doors each day to learn how they are each created by God and built for a purpose.

110 volunteers lead, crafted, cooked, painted, sang, danced, ran, taught, cared, and IMG_0206ministered each day to the kids. From 9am to noon, groups traveled to different stations to learn the day’s bible point and verse. The theme of the week encouraged kids to understand they were intentionally made by God and deeply loved by Him. We learned God made us, God is for us, God is always with us, God will always love us, and God made us for a reason. WOW GOD!

From week to week, our building is most often used for us to learn to love God. We hear sermons, go to bible studies, participate in youth group, and meet with different ministry groups. The week of VBS is a chance for our building to be used to love each other AND serve the world. We invite anyone in the community to come in our doors and meet God. Our congregation serves as His hands and feet.

IMG_0199Ask any of our volunteers, VBS feels like a whirlwind. The week hits you like a storm, but watching the kids experience God’s love makes it all worthwhile. The goal is to plant a seed. We don’t know if or when the seed will grow, but God calls us to plant them. Our prayer is these children will come to know a personal relationship with God. They will return year after year hungry to learn more, and they will no longer see the church as a physical building, but as a body of believers that they are an important part of.