IMG_5477After a very smooth day of travel, the team arrived in Monterrey Mexico. Surrounded by the majestic mountains, they began training and preparing for their work in the community. It is exciting to hear God is already at work in the hearts of the team members. Even though the heat was intense, they enjoyed time together and a chance to get comfortable in their new surroundings.

It can be uncomfortable to go to a new place and minister to new people especially when there is a language barrier. During the second day, the team went door to door distributing bibles and inviting people to a local park to hear more about God. Many people were excited to receive bibles and shared stories with the team. Each member of the team saw God work in powerful ways during their outreach. IMG_5467

As the trip continues, please pray for the hearts of the people in Monterrey. May they be curious to know more about God, excited to encounter His love, and changed by the message of the Gospel.