Brazil Update

These trips always seem to start off with something that keeps us anxious.  Our flight from Indianapolis w19366059_10213475934315186_9004282451281229559_nas delayed by an hour and 20 minutes.  We had a 2 hour layover in Miami.  So instead of having time to grab a quick dinner in Miami, we walked off our plane and right on to our plane to Brazil.  I guess God thought we didn’t need dinner since they feed us so well in Brazil!

 We arrived safely on Saturday morning in Brasilia after a 7 hour flight from Miami. We met our driver for the 3 hour van ride to Goiania.  We attended worship on Sunday evening, and the pastor had a great sermon on 2 Chronicles 20-1:20. He talked about facing struggles and not trying to overcome them on your own but turning it over to God.  He gave some great examples and challenged people to look at things in their own lives they are trying to overcome.

 Originally, our work in Goiania was going to be adding a stage, a play area for the kids,Bea and Kris and provide furniture for the classrooms in a local church.  About 8 weeks before we were to arrive, the pastor told us their landlord was raising the rent and it was too expensive. They had to move.  God’s timing was perfect (as always), and the move date was set for the week we were set to be in town. Our new mission is to prepare the new facility, a former restaurant, for use as a church.  

 19396783_10213487505484458_2460741832455925593_nWe are breaking down walls, filling in doors and windows, painting the classrooms, building a small kitchen, building a stage, and re-painting the front so it will stand out in the neighborhood.

 The project has turned into more complicated construction, but everyone is working hard. Amazingly, we are ahead of schedule after three days of work. The team is tired (and often dirty), but we are all grateful to be a part of the community in Goiania and excited for what God has in store. It has been a time of reconnecting with familiar faces and building friendships with new ones. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip will bring. 


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