graphics_gallery2The big week has finally arrived! We are making final preparations for the church-wide packing party, and it is phenomenal to see God working through each of you and your donations. As you prepare to attend the packing party, we would encourage you to being praying for your box. We serve a mighty and incredible God. He is so mighty and so incredible because He already knows the child receiving your shoebox. He already knows his or her needs, and He is already preparing to meet them. While we can track your box after you have packed it, it is highly unlikely you will ever know the specific child who received your gift. It is comforting to know God does, and that particular child will see God and His love in a new and meaningful way because of your gift.

The Indiana coordinator for Operation Christmas Child visited our SPCS students this week. She shared a story about a young boy in Africa who received a scarf in his shoebox. Being from a hot and dry region, he had no idea what a scarf was even used for, but he kept it anyway. Several years after receiving his shoebox, the government in his country was overthrown and his family was forced to flee the country as refugees. They were relocated by the government of a neighboring country as part of a refugee program. His new home was Buffalo, New York. He arrived in Buffalo in the middle of January, and among the few belongings he carried with him was the scarf from his shoebox.15025373_10154652938223209_9095987291731012189_o

God’s plan reaches farther than we are able to see or even understand. At first glance, it made no sense for a child in Africa to receive a scarf, but God was ready to meet the need. If you are willing to be a part of God’s incredible plan for a child’s life, and you are ready to help meet their needs join us on Thursday November 10th from 6-8pm. You can be part of 1,000 plans for 1,000 children. Come and help us serve the world.

OCC Final Call

graphics_gallery2As the deadline for Operation Christmas Child approaches (17 days and counting!), the lyrics of Matthew West’s song “Do Something” echo truth. It is so easy to feel lost and hopeless in a world full of so much negativity. Why doesn’t God do something to fix the problems in this world? Why do children and families still live in poverty with too little food? God did something huge! He created us with a capacity for love and compassion. He made human beings with hearts for missions, evangelism, and out-reach. He gave us problem solving skills, more than enough resources, and a desire to help others. Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.

Operation Christmas Child is the answer to a calling. It is a mission raising generations of children to know and spread the Gospel. What a blessing to be a part of this mission!

We are so thankful to see our collection bins filled week after week. Our school and daycare have reached out to their families and collected items as well. The big moment is quickly arriving! Can we pack 1,000 boxes? Mark your calendar to be with us on 14611038_10154619123763209_278643610754329969_nNovember 10th from 6-8pm. Volunteers will be on hand to help you and your family pack all the necessary items, write a letter, and pray over your box. Below you will find a list of items we still need to make sure our shoeboxes provide children with things they want and need. If you don’t want to shop, you can help pay for the shipping of the boxes ($7 a box), donate gift cards to help us purchase additional supplies, and pray for our project.

Our goal to pack 1,000 boxes is a lofty one. We would need every family in the church to pack at least one box and many families to pack two. However, the Bible tells us not to give within our comfort zone. We are encourage to give more because giving requires us to put our trust in God. God will provide for all our needs. We simply have to trust Him.  Please join us in the Greatest Journey and help us bring the Gospel to the children of the world.

Items Still Needed: washcloths, balls, travel tissues, chapstick, and boy toys 


Impact a Life

graphics_gallery2Time to bring in items for Operation Christmas Child is coming to a close. On November 10th, the church will host a packing party to put together boxes with all the donations. Please consider attending this event with your family and helping us pack 1,000 shoeboxes. This is a big goal, but we are a big body of believers!

Each ministry in the church has contributed to the project. SPCS students are bringing in items, making cards, and decorating boxes. Welcome Place families had a classroom contest to see who could bring in the most items. Our congregation has been bringing in items to put in the donation boxes in the gathering place, and our Sunday school students have been putting their offerings towards paying the shipping cost of the shoe boxes. Each box costs $7 to ship.

14712762_10154571783718209_2290295443453411107_o$7 can’t buy a lot these days. It won’t feed your family, buy you a new outfit, put gas in your car, or even cover tickets to a movie.  This project allows $7 to go farther than you can imagine! Samaritan’s Purse uses the $7 to pay to ship these priceless Christmas gifts. This is our last item to collect, and possibly the most important. Without your donations, these boxes may not reach their final destinations. Please bring $7 with you this Sunday to place in the donation boxes in the gathering place. Help us take Christmas to every corner of the globe!

Mexico Wrap-Up

Perla and her four children received a new home last week in Reynosa, Mexico. They were so happy and grateful. As a team, we were so humbled. God used our team and volunteers working together in harmony, peace, and displaying His love toward one another.

Earlier in the week, part of our group visited with Lupita. Her family received a house we built in 2003. Lupita shared that she prays daily for each person on the team who built her house. Her belief in the power of prayer and her dedication to the Lord stands as a powerful witness to the people of Reynosa, and to our team. We also had the opportunity to pass about Bibles and food to people in the community. We then invited them to our big fiesta on Thursday. We showed an evangelical video, and it was easy to see God at work. Many were moved by the presentation and fellowship.

Our time in Reynosa taught us thankfulness. We are all thankful for God’s perfect plan. He brought a team of people together with a variety of skills and abilities. He blessed our time and ministry. One major blessing in our partnership with Faith Ministries is the chance to go back year after year and see the community change. We had the opportunity to meet a new young pastor named Carlos Santos. He worked with us to meet community members and invite them to church. Reynosa can be a difficult community to work in because of the limited resources available. Our hope is to return in a year and see Pastor Santos’ ministry thriving. We are very thankful for our SPC family. Your prayers and support for this ministry and our trip were a blessing to us and the community we served. May God continue to work in and bless Reynosa.

Andre Crouch wrote a song with words “How can I say thanks for all the things you have done for me.” The words seem so inadequate, yet all we can say is “thank you, Lord!”