Summer Celebration

Another summer of missions has come to a close at SPC. Our teams have traveled over 2,000 miles to six different communities for a variety of evangelistic opportunities. Combined, we have proclaimed the Good News of Christ to hundreds of people this summer! Praise God!

The mission theme this summer was Bridging the Gap. Each of our missions had the goal of being Christ to everyone we encountered. From ministering to children at camp to helping rebuild and renovate homes, we did the Lord’s work. There are countless stories of God working through our mission teams, many of which are shared on this blog. God has been faithful!

Looking back on the summer, we are able to see God’s plan woven into our lives. We hope and pray all who we shared with this summer will continue to pursue God in a deep and meaningful way.

Even though the summer has come to a close, God’s plan for SPC is far from over. In October, our Mexico Mission team will travel to Reynosa, Mexico to build houses and minister to that community. We are also looking forward to our continued partnerships with local and international ministries and initiatives. May SPC continue to Bridge the Gap in our community and throughout the world.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all of creation.” –Mark 16:15

Beyond Basketball

Beyo13833218_1220686804608655_1672988629_ond Basketball Mini Camp happened last week, and we had a blast! Campers, ages 7-10,. came bright and early every d
ay from 8-10:30. The younger campers, ages 5 and 6, came from 10:30 to noon. With the help of some wonderful volunteers, the kids learned a lot about basketball. Many campers learned new techniques and some of our returners had the opportunity to freshen up their skills!

Each day, the kids would start out with some basic drills to get loose and stretch for the morning of activities. We set up four different stations working on the following: ball handling, passing, defense and lay ups/ shooting. We had different contests like who can make the most lay ups within a minute, scrimmages, and even (a favorite) steal the bacon! These contests made learning the skills really fun!13838132_1220686847941984_1686089062_o

During our break half way through each camp, we enjoyed a yummy snack prepared by wonderful volunteers. This was a chance to allow the kids to fill their stomachs, take a break from basketball, and also listen to a devotion. This week we heard about being on God’s team and choosing to be on his team instead of Satan’s. We learned what it means to be “on offense” (encourage each other just as it says to do in 1 Thessalonians) and also what it means to be “on defense” (defend ourselves against the devil and his schemes). Campers learned to look to coaches and parents as they mentor us throughout life and how God places these people in our life to help us grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Camp was an excellent opportunity to work together as a team, and model how Christians are supposed to act and be disciples of Jesus Christ.

13839915_1220686694608666_143914477_oThis week was nothing short of AWESOME! Campers and volunteers alike learned a lot, but also had a really great time! The fellowship we shared this week was wonderful to experience and watch! The kids were not only able to go away learning more about basketball, but also what it means to live and act as a follower of Jesus.

Cave Adventure

Where can you make a IMG_9372bowl of cave slime, get soaked playing with squirt bottles, eat delicious snacks, see the pastor get slimed and learn about Jesus? If you guessed SPC’s 2016 Vacation Bible School, you’re right!
Around 200 children, pre-schoolers through fifth graders, signed up for this year’s Vacation Bible School, but by the end of the week we were ministering to just over 300 kids! What a blessing!?

The theme this year was CaveQuest and the church was filled with many cave-like decorations, including stalagmites, stalactites and a couple of critters. Kids learned bible lessons each day about Jesus and his amazing power in our lives. There was a “bible buddy” to go with each day too! Kids loved learning the bible points and meeting the bible buddy in our opening worship time. IMG_9773

In addition to the more than 300 kids, there were also more than 100volunteers that signed up to help. The volunteers ranged in age from 13 to more than 60 years old. One of the greatest things about VBS is that it gives many different ages and types of people an opportunity to be leaders, and to be witnesses to many visitors to our church. VBS provides incredible outreach to our community while encouraging our church members to share their faith through volunteering.

IMG_9402Thank you to all of the staff, volunteers and kids who made VBS special this year. May God continue to show you his light even in the darkness.